Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dating a Twin, part three

Yet another Twin, this time judging by the helmet, Ben Revere(Come home Benny!). The outfield walls look like both Jacobs Field(because really..I'm not calling it whatever it is now.) and Target Field. But judging by this - Cleveland Indians Home/Away jersey info, this was in Cleveland. So, checking both Revere's and Cabrera's BRef pages, both being in the lineup, these happened 8 times in 2012. June 1-3rd, August 6-8, and September 18-19th.

June 1st, Revere went 0-4 in a nasty lopsided affair, three ground ball outs, and a fly ball caught in center. August 8th, Revere went 0-5, with two ground outs, a strikeout, a fly ball caught in center(again...). September 19th, Revere was a defensive replacement late in the game(bottom 9th), and never batted in the Twins 6-4 victory.

Taking these out, there are five dates that this photo could have come from, June 2-3rd, August 6-7th, and September 18th. On June 2nd, all the starting Twins had a hit except Jamey Carroll. While Revere did reach 2nd in the 1st inning, it wasn't a close play as Joe Mauer hit a ground ball past the defense, and Justin Morneau would drive him in later in the inning. Following consecutive ground outs, Revere would reach base in the 9th on a wild pitch, and even get thrown out as part of a double play, but Cabrera started the play, and was not covering second. June 2nd - eliminated.

The next day, June 3rd, Revere only went 1-5, with one walk, several ground outs and a strikeout. In the 7th after consecutive ground outs to the pitcher, Revere hit a "bunt" on the first base/pitcher side and was called safe on the play. He wound up stealing second, and was doubled in by Josh Willingham'mer. In his last at-bat of the day, he ground out to second. June 3rd - eliminated.

After a strikeout looking on August 6th, Benny blooped a single to center, scoring Carroll and advancing Denard Span to third. Mauer drove him in, in the next at-bat. No dice here, but the Twins did light up Cleveland pitching for 10 runs in the inning! In the fourth, Revere hit a single, and was the duck on the pond for Morneau's 200th homer! In the sixth, he singled, and Mauer drove him in with a double, and in his last at-bat of the night he would end up at third after a single, Mauer's single, and advancing on Willingham's grounder out. August 6th - eliminated.

We're getting closer, on August 7th, Revere singled in the 1st, took second on Mauer's walk and would score on Morneau's deep center single. After a foul fly ball out, Revere was walked, and was part of a double play(!), one that went second, to the shortstop covering second(Cabrera!!), to first(!!!). 4-6-3, we may have a winner. He finished the game with three ground outs. August 7th - Likely/Possible!

Finally September 18th, Ben only hit 1-5, with both a walk and a strike out. In the first he had a bunt hit, advanced to 3rd on Mauer's single and scored on a Morneau fly out. Two grounders, a K looking, and another ground out, Revere was walked in the 11th. Except Mauer couldn't beat out a infield single and was thrown out at first to end the inning. In the 12th, the Twins would break the tie-game, and despite Glen Perkins allowing a homer to Carlos Santana, the game was finished. Twins win 6-5.

So, by all of this, this photo could only have occurred August 7th, 2012. Here's the MLB write-up for the game. Despite all the videos, even with two nice stops by Cabrera, this play isn't recorded - except by a nice Topps photo.

Update: fail. I probably should have compared any of the videos to the photo to triple verify the jersey. It was pointed out on twitter by @digitalHaas that they're wearing their home blue jerseys, and the video confirms that. Look for an update to the update when I check their 2011 seasons...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dating a Twin part two.

That looks like a Twins player to me. The 'M' is on the classic Twins road uniform that is one of my all-time favorites. Judging by the back of the player's uniform, the player's name ends in either an 'o' or a '0'. One of those is unlikely. I checked the 1991 Twins roster and found two players - Mike Pagliarulo, and Paul Sorrento. Sorrento only faced Baltimore once, in September, but didn't hit against Olson - in fact he homered in his one at-bat. Pags however faced Olson only twice, going 1-2 with an RBI. Got to love relief-pitchers, makes this so much easier to eliminate dates. Looking at his 1991 starts, Gregg Olson made four appearances against the Twins. I don't think that's the Metrodome, the base lines don't look right, and the color looks too much like an outdoor game. With his starts against Baltimore, in-Baltimore, Pags faced Olson on June 19th, 1991 and August 24th, 1991, and we can eliminate the August game because Pags was never on base, or at-bat while Olson was pitching. Just to make sure, I checked the game log for the June game, and Pags did indeed have a single up the 1B-2B side, with a throw to first likely coming in from the right fielder. Who's on first? Olson, or Baltimore's 1B that day, David Segui. On this particular play, June 19th, 1991, it appears Olson was on first.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Speaking of 1972s...

I'd like to think these were connected at some point. Part of a sheet?

Dating a Twin week.

Day one.

1972 Topps Gene Michael and John Ellis. Neither are Twins, however they both have Twins pictured, and along with finding error cards and variations, another hobby of mine is to try and put a date on when photos were taken. So it's a given that these occurred during the 1971 season or before since these are cards in the 1972 set. Most likely 1971. Going by this the Twins played the Yankees twelve times in 1971, six at home, six in New York. As someone who never attended any games at old Yankee Stadium, I'm relying on the Gene Michael card, which based on the box score is in New York. Based on said box score, this game could only have occurred July 21st, 1971. Based on this great resource, #36 is Jim Kaat(who will be featured later this week) sliding into second. Looking at the play-by-play from the day, in the 8th Kaat hit his only single of the day, then stole second(!) with Rod Carew at-bat. While there's no way to officially without a doubt guarantee the John Ellis card was the same day. However, John Ellis did have a single in the bottom of the 7th, just before this play, and Killebrew(pictured) stayed in the game all the way until the 9th when he was pinch-ran for, a pinch-runner(Rich Reese) who scored the game winner. I'd like to think these were from the same game. :D.