Thursday, August 29, 2013

1991 Upper Deck hi-series double box break

I picked up two boxes of 1991 Upper Deck hi-series for cheap, because why not? I've never opened this before, so it was a fun ripping.

9 AL, 10 Yankees, 1 Indians, 8(!) Twins.
8 NL, 3 Cardinals, 5 Expos, 3 Braves, 3 Cubs, 1 Reds, 1 Phillies, 1 Pirates, 3 Astros headed Swlvguy's way, 4 Mets, 5 Giants, 4 Dodgers
Ignore the doofus with the purple shorts.
Funny story on the Aaron holograms, I got skunked on my first box, then pulled three in my second box. #90sCollation...

I was expecting there to be a ton of pre-high series cards and only a few 700+ cards. Just the way current sets have conditioned me, but I was pleasantly surprised to have equal sized stacks of pre-700 and cards between 700-800 ("hi-series"). Not pictured, I pulled both variations of the Rickey Henderson/Lou Brock "939" base, with and without date.

Huge stack of Twins to sort, resort, and triple check; as well as some "key" rookies. Cheepar being the highlight at ~2$, the rest under .50 cents.

Pulled a complete set and a half of Hank Aaron's Baseball Heroes inserts, two Nolan Ryan/Rickey Henderson SP2s. Much like the Aaron Heroes of Baseball, the two Ryan/Henderson's came from the second box.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Co-Franchise players(early morning ramblings...)

There's a relatively short list of players who played for both Senators franchises, the Twins edition(1901-1960) and Rangers(1961-1971). I'm working on an experiment-type sql database, and was curious how many players we shared, and after that I was curious if we shared any with the current Washington franchise, the Nationals.

Twins-Senators Twins Washington Senators
Roy Sievers   1954-1959 1964-1965
Camilo Pascual 1954-1966 1967-1969
Pedro Ramos 1955-1961 1970-1970
Johnny Schaive 1958-1960 1962-1963
Hal Woodeshick 1959-1960 1961-1961
Zoilo Versalles 1959-1967 1969-1969
Hector Maestri 1960-1960 1961-1961
Rudy Hernandez 1960-1960 1961-1961
Don Mincher 1960-1966 1971-1972
Marty Martinez 1962-1962 1972-1972
Bernie Allen 1962-1966 1967-1971
Jim Roland 1962-1968 1972-1972
Joe McCabe 1964-1964 1965-1965
Johnny Klippstein 1964-1966 1961-1961
Ron Kline 1967-1967 1963-1966
John Roseboro 1968-1969 1970-1970
Joe Grzenda 1969-1969 1970-1971
Brant Alyea 1970-1971 1965-1969
Jim Shellenback   1977-1977 1969-1974

Twins-Nationals Twins Washington Nationals
Hector Carrasco 1998-2001 2005-2005
Cristian Guzman 1999-2004 2005-2010
Matt LeCroy 2000-2007 2006-2006
Michael Restovich 2002-2004 2007-2007
Joe Beimel 2004-2004 2009-2009
Tony Batista 2006-2006 2004-2007
Ramon Ortiz 2007-2007 2006-2006
Livan Hernandez 2008-2008 2003-2011
Brendan Harris 2008-2010 2004-2006
Denard Span 2008-2012 2013-2013
Luis Ayala 2009-2009 2003-2008
Jon Rauch 2009-2010 2004-2008
Wilson Ramos 2010-2010 2010-2013
Matt Capps 2010-2012 2010-2010
Jason Marquis 2012-2012 2010-2011
Jamey Carroll 2012-2013 2002-2005
Josh Willingham 2012-2013 2009-2010

Interestingly, both other Washington franchises have almost the same amount of shared players. 19-17. One of these days I'll get around to how many players we shared with the original Washington Nationals/Senators, a list that includes many of our 1960s greats.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Who knew Edgar Renteria was a Twin in 1996?

Not that we couldn't have used him in 1996, with his .309/.358/.399/ for a .757 OPS, 3.3 WAR. and .979 fielding %...but who knew Edgar played for us?
(Image courtesy of COMC.)
I made a trade with @SouthPawKersh22 for Twins, and ex-Twins to even the trade. I was surprised to see this one among them. I have a pretty good photographic memory of Twins rosters, and didn't remember him playing for us. Obviously a printing error, but by now you would think Topps would have a way of pulling detailed stats reliably. They've only been doing this for 60+ years, and this is the digital age. Hell, I'll help them install a LAMP setup, with web/php queries if needed...