Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013 Bowman Platinum Team Checklist

Here's the Twins checklist for this years Bowman Platinum.
Base: 21,32,77
Prospects: BPP7,BPP19,BPP51,BPP56,BPP62,BPP84
Chrome Prospects: BPCP7,BPCP19,BPCP51,BPCP56,BPCP62,BPCP84
Baseball America "Diamonds In The Rough": DIR-JP
Cutting Edge Stars: CES-JM
Top Prospects: TP-AM,TP-BB,TP-MS,TP-OA
Not listed: Autos/Relics

New player collections...

I always hate adding more things to collect, especially when I've already undertaken such a huge project, but I occasionally find some reason or another to add a player or set. My first player that I chased/am chasing was from my home town, after that it was my first player's nephew who had a much more successful playing career. Once I graduated high school, I noticed that one of my fellow JV teammates had been drafted by the Marlins. Just this year, my Twins(no less!) drafted our JV coaches son in the first round. He may not have cards yet, but you can rest assured I'll be collecting his stuff as soon as Draft Picks and Prospects(most likely) gets released. I quickly went from having a team to collect, to four players and a team! Now that I'm almost finished with college, I'm debating whether or not to add the players from my college - and there's a few...

Dave Owen
Steve Foster
John Lackey
Daniel Ortmeier
Ryan Roberts
Mark Lowe
Hunter Pence
Adam Moore
Dillon Gee
(source: bbref)

As well as a dearth of minor league talent that never made(or has yet to make) a major league roster. Where do you draw the line and decide whether this'll add fun to your collecting, or whether this is just more junkwax littering your hobby room? I'll let you know when I find the answer...

Monday, July 29, 2013

An Intro to Errors/Variations

The late 1980s and early 1990s over production nearly killed the card industry, but it also brought about interesting errors and variations. Since they're cheap pick-ups, and most are easy to spot and catalog, I love looking for these. For example check out these 1988 Donruss.

Ignore the conditions of the cards, complete-ists can't be choosers. =). Apparently in the same year, the changed the pattern orientations for retail(whether wax, cello, etc) and the factory sets.

Another retail/factory variation, 1991 Donruss, and I'm not even including the back variation of the one on the left. Donruss seemed to love to tinker with borders. Unlike the 1988 edition, these backs are noticeably lighter/darker.

Cutting Donruss some slack for a minute, here's 1991(a good year for these kind of errors/variations) Upper Deck's entry. That's right, three separate hologram designs - 1991 Upper Deck, 1990 Upper Deck, and strangely 1991 Upper Deck Hockey...

More to come I'm sure, I love these cheap pickups!

Friday, July 26, 2013


As suggested by Mike, I should do a post on some of my favorite Twins cards. I'm sure I'll be adding more eventually, but here's some offhand.

2010 Bowman Chrome Joe Mauer

I'm pretty sure this photo is from this excellent heads-up play by Mauer. A great play by one of the best catchers in the league - also famous for these behind the back plays:

2008 Topps Classic Combos, Morneau/Santana/Mauer

What's not to like about three of the best Twins of the decade? Morneau the masher, Santana the bat cracker, and Mauer the slap hitting, AL average leading catcher? I'd like to get all three to sign one of these bad boys...

Speaking of signed cards of great Twins, I picked this one up at my LCS a few years ago, and couldn't be happier at the 10$ cost.

1989 Upper Deck Kirby Puckett with Mark McGwire inset. Signed by both!

Twins Checklists - ALL THE NEEDS!

Adding a link to the sidebar when I can figure out how to, but all of the cards missing from what few sets I don't have completed can be found here.

Have a lolcat for your time:

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Stick around, I swear it'll get better...Maybe.