Sunday, December 1, 2013

1989 - Oakland v. Minnesota

While looking for the previously mentioned 1989 Upper Deck ® or ™ cards, I noticed a lot of the Oakland and Minnesota cards shared background players of each other. Photo album below. None of them appear to be in Minnesota, leaving a four game set June 24th-26th, with a double-header on the 26th, and September 19th-21st. Interesting, that the double-header features two players that share Oakland and Minnesota players on the card. But first, one of my favorite back of a card photos. Señor Smoke, Portugal, and Jim Wynn #48(?).

Third base coach Rick Renick, an ex-Twin himself, just inside the frame of Randy Bush - with an Athletic in the background. 

Jose Canseco*?

Oakland's fence in the background? Not sure, need to do more research or consult Ben again.

Same here, HUGE distance markers on the outfield walls.

I think that's #18, Paul Sorrento, again some debate on Twitter...

Great shot of the Oakland bench.
*Attempts not to make in-the-gutter porn joke*

Cant tell if this is an umpire, or a player. Pants look umpire, shirt doesn't look like the ump blue...

Edit: Almost forgot this one. Yet another Oakland/Minnesota photo...

Here's two from the same set that disprove my theory that all the A's/Twins photos were taken on the same day. In particular the Uribe looks like spring training...

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