Sunday, January 5, 2014

Crackin' Wax holiday exchange gift!

No box shots. Probably should have gotten one, but I was too excited to crack it open. The first thing I noticed, was the address was from someone whom I had just sent a much-delayed package completing a previous trade. In explaining he stated that the huge stack of 1991 Fleers would have given it away, as that was going to be part of our next trade... 

A nice card, and most certainly not boring!

Ignore my mess on the desk, especially those sunflower seeds(read, crack). Brief stacks to show the singles. Between GN and NorCalCollect, I completed Topps Update this year without buying any. :D. Thanks guys!

I had never seen this team-issued set from 1983, but I think I know where 1988 Fleer stole their color design from. :D. 

Coaching staffs, team photos, Metrodome, my mouse... Love the first year coach card of Tom Kelly. I was excited I would finally have a player card for Kelly in Twins jersey, but was "disappointed" when the back said coach. Still searching for my first player-TK card.

The 1991 Fleer stack mentioned earlier. As the Twins won the series that year, and 1987, I've always wanted the complete sets from each of the major brands. I vividly remember these from when I first started my collection in the early 90s. This set and 1990 Score really stood out as a youngster. 
*Takes a step off some of your lawns*...
The real highlight for me, my second certified Kent Hrbek autograph. Included in the set was a near complete Panini Hometown Heroes team set, which at some point I might grab a box. I really like the throw back retro 70s/80s design.

Also in the package were these from 1986/87 - I've been meaning to pick these up from Amazon at some point. In addition to ancient coupons(though no expiration!) for Surf, the books also include pictures of nearly all the Twins cards for each year 1952 to print year. I noticed a few missing, namely leaderboard cards, cards with father/son or flashback/forward inserts, and playoff cards. Still really cool!

This guy... Knowing my @user is Rootlinuxusr, sends me a Windows networking book... Though I do find this stuff interesting and so far it's a good read. Still though.

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