Sunday, January 5, 2014

December happened.

Rant-y in-house dealings
Didn't really write much last month, eh? Someone hit me with a nasty flu that I've been dealing with for the better part of the last two weeks... as well as the holiday season, family, some legal matters, etc, etc. What I'm getting at is, there's more coming in the following months. Other than my gift exchange I didn't get any card related stuffs from the holidays, but I did score a Zelda themed Wii-U, a few games(New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario 3D Land - LOVE the cat-suit, Wind Waker Wii=U HD remake, A Link Between Worlds), and the usual socks/sweaters from the extended family. Now if this nasty cough would go away...

Card related stuffs
So this happened. Yes, I like to send Bip packages - I guess Scott Crawford didn't warn the Night Owl.... 1, 2. Three other people got near-Christmas Eve timed card packages, most with similar Bip-age(Bippage?).  I won(!) a NFL box from Topps on the twatters - look for a post about that soon enough. Also got a nice package from Fernando again, which I need to send him his pile at some point... Mentioned in the extremely(!) knowledgeable ClassicMNTwins' blog. Found several clips on Youtube with old All-Star games, portions of 70s games, as well as the oldest, fully-preserved game video, from 1967 featuring the Twins/Red Sox season ending series. Killer, Carew, Tovar, Tony-O... Ugh. That should have been our year(or you know, 2006. M&M boys, Cuddy, Cy-tana, Bradke, Kubes...).

NP: Goodbye Lament. Iommi, Grohl...what the hell was I listening to in 2000? 

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